Brightest Flashlight in the World
Brightest Flashlight in the World
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Brightest Flashlight Review
Living in a rural area can give you a spirit of peace, but
when you hear something in the middle of the night, it can get
your heart pounding and your imagination running wild.

After hearing noises that woke me one night, I went outside
with a good flashlight to investigate.  I felt so vulnerable as I
pointed the flashlight in one direction, then the other.  I
thought to myself that I needed to return inside my house and
get that hand held spotlight I bought from Sam's years ago.

When I located the big flashlight, I tested it to see if it still had
a charge.  Sure enough, it still had plenty of power.  I returned
outside to continue my investigation.  

Wow, I felt totally different as I threw the beam all around.  I
shined it down my 600 foot driveway & it was incredible how it
made me feel as everything lit up like daylight.  It felt great as I
shined the bright light up in to the trees.  I felt that nothing
could hide from me.

Returning to my bed, now feeling a little better about the
situation, I thought that I needed to find the best brightest
flashlight for protection and peace of mind and buy it.

I went to local stores and ended up buying a 2 million
candlepower spotlight flashlight .  I charged it for what seemed
like forever anticipating trying it out later that night.

At last, it was dark outside.  I called my two dogs to come go
with me outside to look around.  I felt like a kid at Christmas as
I slowly squeezed the on trigger.  I was so disappointed when
it was dimmer that the one I had bought at Sam's 8 years
earlier.  The old one was rated at only one million
candlepower, so why wasn't the new one brighter?

Frustrated, I started looking through catalogs & the Internet
and bought a big flashlight that was named the brightest
flashlight in the world.  I gladly paid the $100 online.

About a week later, it was here!  I plugged it in a waited till the
lights said it was fully charged.  I couldn't believe how big it
was.  I felt confident that this one would blow me away.  It says
it was rated for 15 million candlepower and 1100 lumens.

That night, it was charged and ready for my first test.  I was
thrilled, till I turned on the switch.  What a letdown.  My other
two flashlights were considerably brighter.  I should have
known when they said it had 1100 lumens.  I was starting to
realize this candlepower thing was pretty subjective.  One
thing I liked about the light is that it was a very white light
rated at 4300 Kelvin.  I do prefer a full spectrum daylight
color. The light also lasted 80 minutes on it high setting.  It
also had a few too many swirlies in the light pattern making it
a little harder to see.

I wanted power, but I was once again let down.

Now, I was on a mission.  I started searching again & finally
found a twin beam, 20,000,000 candlepower spotlight
flashlight that claimed to be the brightest in the world.  I took a
breath and ordered it through Amazon, since I knew they'd
back up their merchandise.

The big box arrived in 2 or 3 days and once again I plugged it
in and started charging it.  When the green light came on
around midnight, I called the dogs for another outing.

Nervously, I clicked on one switch and then the second &
POW, the light blasted out like I was holding a weapon instead
of a flashlight.  Everything was revealed to me in it's path.  
With it's twin beam construction, the Vector SportSpot created
a wall of light against the trees across the field instead of just
a circle.  At last, I was holding my dream flashlight.

The hand grip was rubberized and felt good to the touch.  The
handle was on top of the unit so I could lazily let the flashlight
hang by me side.  When I wanted to tilt it upward to look into
the trees, it was a natural movement compared to the other
lights that positioned the handle underneath the flashlight with
a pistol grip.  The pistol grip was tiring, but the SportSpot was
comfortable holding and aiming in different directions for long
periods of time.

If I was up to no good, and someone started flooding their
property with the SportSpot, I wouldn't stick around.  I run for
cover like a scattering roach.  It's like God just turned on the
lights to expose everything.

Over the next few days, I took it everywhere with me.  I slept
with it by my bed like someone might sleep with a gun on their
nightstand for protection.  I love the feeling of power and
security of having easy access to it.  It does have a weapon
like effect, which I discovered when I turned it on then walked
away from it 100 feet.  I turned around and tried to look into
the light.  There is absolutely no way I could stare into that
power beam of blinding light.  I couldn't believe it.

I took my Lexus SUV out and put my high beam lights on, then
I hopped out and shined my SportSpot to the left of the area
the Lexus illuminated.  The light from the SportSpot flashlight
was considerably brighter.  The Lexus threw out a broader
even light, but the SportSpot thrusted a much more
concentrated beacon of light.

The brightest flashlight in the world does have some
weaknesses.  On full blast, both barrels beaming, the battery
will start diminishing in about 20 to 25 minutes.  You can run
with just one light instead which is super bright in and of itself,
thus doubling the runtime.  There is no telling how long the
light would last if you just ran the top three LED lights instead
of the power beams, my guess is that it could go for days.

My preference is a super white light of 4300 Kelvin or more,
but the color of the light is more like a traditional car headlight
rather than what you'd find as an option of the new BMWs or
the like.  I'm sure you've seen those cars that put out the
brightest lights on the highway.  They are so bright that you'd
think they'd be illegal.

Another cool thing is that you can plug it into the lighter of
your car, boat or RV and run the light continuously.  This is a
very cool feature and it comes standard with the brightest
flashlight in the world.

Of all the places one might be able to buy this flashlight, I
chose and recommend buying it through
because they have very high levels of service and SUPER
FAST shipping.  I'm a member of Amazon Prime, so I get most
items with free shipping.  It was worth it to me to pay the once
a year fee because I order constantly from  I
love their service.

Bottom line, I highly recommend this powerful flashlight.  I will
never live without one again.  This flashlight makes me feel 10
feet tall and bulletproof.  I believe you will too.

One last thing, I kept hearing about tactical flashlights and
marine flashlights, but after I researched them, they were not
what I was looking for.  The tactical lights were simply a good
reliable traditional flashlight that one could be rough with, but
none of them could be described as the brightest flashlight in
the world.

The same goes for marine flashlights.  Those ended up being
of normal size but boasted being water resistant.  They were
not super bright either.  For me to be satisfied, I had to feel
powerful when I used the flashlight.  Only the Vector
SportSpot did this for me.

If there is a brighter flashlight in the world under $69, I
couldn't find it.  If you ever find one, please let me know.  I'd
love to always have the brightest flashlight in my arsenal.

I did see a military tank spotlight that had been installed in an
large metal ammo box or something.  It was like a searchlight,
but it wasn't available or really even portable, but it was fun to
see it in action.

So far the Vector VEC 192 SportSpot is the brightest flashlight
in the world.  It is sometimes marketed through the Black &
Decker label even though the light says Vector.  In fact, even
the box it came in didn't say Black and Decker.

The rubberized handle will feel just right in your hand.

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Brightest Flashlight Description
The Black & Decker VEC192 20 million power series 3335 lumens spotlight can be
used in either cordless or corded modes. In the cordless mode, the spotlight offers
up to 25 minutes of use when fully charged.

To charge the battery or extend the spotlight's use, simply plug it into any 12-volt
DC outlet. This spotlight generates 20 million candlepower with dual replaceable
120-watt Phillips halogen bulbs.

A carry handle and shoulder strap provide easy portability, dual selector switches
control the lighting power, and a built-in work stand is great for repair work. The
spotlight has tough, durable, weather-resistant housing.

This spotlight includes 12-volt AC and 12volt DC charging adapters, and a 12-volt
DC accessory outlet that powers and recharges personal electronics.
All photographs are from the package the Brightest Flashlight ships in.
Click on photo for larger version.
All photographs are from the package the Brightest Flashlight ships in.
Click on photo for larger version.
All photographs are from the package the Brightest Flashlight ships in.
Click on photo for larger version.
All photographs are from the package the Brightest Flashlight ships in.
Click on photo for larger version.
All photographs are from the package the Brightest Flashlight ships in.
Click on photo for larger version.
Copyright 2007

    Glen Woodfin - Flashlight Afficionado

    Note:  We have seen flashlights like Polarion HID models; however, they sell for $1000+ for the same
    lumens that this flashlight produces.  For over $2000 you can get over 4,000 lumens.  Unless you're Bill
    Gates, why go that route?  You could have almost 30 of the Vector SportSpot flashlights for the price of
    one of theirs for little more illumination.  The Torch by Wicked Lasers is the new brightest flashlight in
    the world under contention.  I own one and it's very small like a 2 cell Maglite and it cast a wide
    blanket of wide light for about 10 minutes.  It's awesome for a quick look around to investigate a
    noise, but it's a little more of a novelty, than a true everyday workhorse flashlight.  They should give
    you and option to buy a lithium ion battery upgrade for longer runtime and faster recharging.  The beam
    will shock you at the wall of light it creates for the first 250 feet.  The width of the light beam is very
    wide.  For anything past that, we recommend the Polarion or the Vector SLH100P Power on Board HID
    Spotlight because of it's intense concentrated focus will light up objects on the extremely distant
    horizon.  The light is brilliant white and reflection bezel is tuned to perfection for distant illumination.

Another new handheld flashlight by Group 5 Engineering has come on the scene called the HB-1 that
claims to blast 5,590 lumens for a limited edition run at $3,000 a piece.  This flashlight is being met
with skepticism, but if true, this will be by far the most powerful hand held consumer flashlight, but the rumor
I hear from industry experts is that this is their goal, but it is not yet reality.  We wish them success.
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10 days of light on LED
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Can power & charge on car DC outlet
or charge in wall outlet at home

Built in adjustable stand
Vector Sportspot VEC 192
Gives you the power
and security you need
20 million candlepower
3335 lumens
The BIG photo is of my own Vector
SportSpot 20,000,000 Candlepower Series.

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Vector SLH100P
Power on Board
HID Spotlight with 3,500
Lumens for 70 Minutes
 Under $150

  • HID Bulb (high intensity discharge)
  • Bulb lasts 2000 hours
  • Super Daylight Brilliant White Light
  • 70 Minute Runtime
  • Adjustible Stand to Point Light
  • Charge with Car Lighter or Home Outlet
  • Adjustable Carry Strap for Easy Tote
  • No Bulb Filament to Break When Shocked or Vibrated
  • Auto Shutoff Charger- So It Can't Be Overcharged
  • LED Battery Status Lights
  • 35W-6000 K metal halide bulb
  • 12v-7Ah sealed lead acid battery
  • 35W-6000 K metal halide bulb
  • Retail Price $149- see our low price below
Vector Power on Board HID Spotlight SLH100P - SLH100V
This is a limited time offer as these
were bought at auction and supplies
are limited! Retail is well over $100.

I telling you these flashlights are truley
the most powerful for the money and
the price is going up.
This Vector SLH100P Power on Board HID Spotlight is the best flashlight I've reviewed yet!
I don't know how long we can offer this flashlight at this price because these were bought at an auction
with limited or no repurchase ability.  This light will give you brilliant white light in the most focused
beam I've ever used.  It is a true searchlight - spotlight.  I own the Torch and it is better in the first 100
feet, but this flashlight blows away the competition past 100 feet and has a 70 minute runtime & fast 2 or
3 hour recharge.                                             
 Buy this one now before the price rises!
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Spotlight is sold out and no
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This more powerful 50 watt
HID flashlight with a lithium
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lumens and up to 100
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